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New River Gorge Bridge Stained Glass Panel Framed

New River Gorge Bridge Stained Glass Panel Framed

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New River Gorge Bridge is an original design, this stained glass leaded window panel measures approx. 21" x 14" framed in oak stained glass channel frame and ready to hang. The bridge itself is constructed from wide flat lead came to give it a dimensional look and stained glass pieces are hand cut and shaped, then assembled with lead came channel construction.

Inspiration for this piece comes from the West Virginia Quarter with the bridge featured on the back of the coin. Each year on the 3rd weekend of October, Bridge Day Festival takes place on the bridge in Fayetteville, WV. On this one day it is legal to base jump from the world's largest single span bridge and approx. 100, 000 people come from around the world to participate and watch. 

Each is a one-of-a-kind, piece of art, hand crafted in our Putnam County West Virginia studio. Glass may vary slightly from the photo shown based on available materials at the time of your order.

* Etsy requires me to inform California residents that this product contains lead.

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